Rule 1 – Game, Field, Ball and Equipment

SECTION 1. General Provisions

ARTICLE 1. The Game

The game shall be played between 2 teams of not more than 5 players each, on a rectangular field and with a regulation
ball. For details see Diagram of Field.
Team rosters consist of a maximum of 12 players (5 on the field with 7 substitutes). Teams may play with a minimum of 4 players. If less than 4 players are available, the game is forfeited by the side that is unable to field a team.
Teams can have only players of the same sex.

ARTICLE 2. Winning Team and Final Score

Each team shall be allowed opportunities to advance the ball across the other team’s goal line by running or passing it.
The teams shall be awarded points for scoring according to rule and the team having the larger score at the end of the
game, including extra periods, shall be the winning team.

ARTICLE 3. Supervision

The game shall be played under the supervision of 2 or more officials.

ARTICLE 4. Team Captains and Coaches

Each team shall designate to the referee no more than 2 players as its captains and no more than 2 coaches.

SECTION 2. The Ball

ARTICLE 1. Specifications

The ball shall be made of leather, new or nearly new, of regulation size, weight and pressure with no alterations. Each
team may use its own legal ball.

ARTICLE 2. Special Sizes

For women games youth size balls (ex. TDY) should be used.
For youth games aged under 16 youth size balls (ex. TDY) should be used. Balls need not to be leather.
For youth games aged under 13 junior size balls (ex. TDJ) should be used. Balls need not to be leather.

SECTION 3. Equipment

ARTICLE 1. Mandatory Equipment

Players of opposing teams shall wear jerseys of contrasting colors. If the teams are using similar jerseys, the home team
has the option which team has to change jerseys.
a. Players of a team shall wear jerseys of the same color, cut and style. The jerseys must be full-length and tucked into
the pants with contrasting Arabic numerals at least 6 inches (15 cm) in height on back. All players of a team must
have different numbers from 1 to 99. Jerseys must not be taped or tied in any manner.
b. Players of a team shall wear shorts or pants of the same color, cut and style without pockets, press studs or clips.
Players cannot tape or secure their shorts or pants to meet this regulation. AR 1-3-2-I
c. Players of a team shall wear tightly fixed flag belts with sockets and 2 flags (pop-flags). Every effort must be made
to keep one flag on each hip of the player. These flags by a size of 2 inch (5 cm) x 15 inch (38 cm) must not be
altered or cut. The sockets must not be glued or changed in any way and placed to look downwards and outside. The
flags must be clearly visible, hang down freely and must not be covered in any way by the player’s uniform. The
flags have to be in the same one color, must be of contrasting color to the pants and should not match any color on
the pants. Players, who will deliberately manipulate their flags, will be ejected from the game.
d. All players must wear an intra-oral mouthpiece of a visible color and with no part sticking out more than 0,5 inch
(1,25 cm).

ARTICLE 2. Illegal Equipment

a. Shoes with cleats longer than 0,5 inch (1,25 cm), sharp pointed as spikes or made of any metallic material.
b. Any kind of shoulder pads, helmets or head wear (caps, hoods, bandannas, headbands or similar).
c. Any kind of protectors which endanger other players (e.g. sharp edged knee braces).
d. Glasses not medically prescribed. Glasses that are not made out of non-breaking material.
e. Jewelry must be removed or covered up completely.
f. Uniform attachments like towels or hand warmers.
g. Adhesive material, paint, grease or any other slippery substance applied to equipment or on a players person,
clothing or attachment that affects the ball or an opponent.
h. Any electronic, mechanical or other signal devices for the purpose of communicating with a coach.

ARTICLE 3. Coaches Certification

Before the game the head coach shall give a roster to the referee and certify that all players have the mandatory
equipment and have been informed what constitutes illegal equipment.